Transport Platforms

Mast-climbing transport platform. Reach new heights of project efficiency.

Klimer Transport Platforms provide vertical transport of crews and materials for multiple trades with no need for a dedicated operator. Ideal for heights of 30 feet and above, they are a cost-effective alternative or complement to hoists.

KTP’s 56-inch wide transport platform and generous ramps easily accommodate awkward or bulky materials.

The KTP is compatible with the modular design of the KLIMERLITE drive system and mast or as a stand-alone system. The transport platform pins onto the drive unit of the KLIMERLITE. Hydraulic and electrical controls simply connect to the KLIMERLITE drive unit.

The KTP travels at 39 feet per minute with a maximum capacity of 3,500 lbs or eight persons. It offers two hydraulic-powered loading ramps and removable side rails for efficient access and loading, even in tough conditions. Ramps are conveniently controlled from the operator station – increasing safety and reducing cycle times.

KTP raises your expectations:

  • FloorFind™ technology eliminates height jogging and takes crews and materials to the right height every time.
  • Maximum Anchored Height: 330 ft+ (100 m+) – Additional height possible with specific engineering.
  • Mast Height Above Last Anchor: 20 ft (6 m) Lowest Platform Height: 30” (.76 m).
  • Optional roof.

Study operator’s manual before use. Do not load above recommended safe working loads. No materials at any time to be placed on platform extensions. For configurations not shown here, consult your local Klimer dealer or operator’s manual. This product must be used in conformity with safe practice and applicable statutes, regulations, codes and ordinances. Specifications of products and equipment shown herein are subject to change without notice.

Need a medium to light-duty access solution? Discover our KLIMERLITE mast-climbing work platform, offering quick assembly and superb mobility, even in rooftop applications.