Certified Training

We are an accredited training institute, recognized by the SAIA (Scaffold & Access Industry Association) to perform training on mast climbers and transport platforms. This training provides operations with a PAL card.

Klimer model specific training is offered on or off site, according to your needs, and can be catered to your specific training requirements. We offer Occupant, Operator, Installer, Refresher & Training-the-trainer courses. This training provides Trainees with certifications of completion and wallet cards for proof of training.

Occupant Training

Anyone who will be on, or, working from the platform is required to successfully complete occupant training. All occupants receive training applications to the model and configuration of the MCWP to be occupied. Some topics covered include:

  • Maximum loading and load
  • Fall hazards and the use of fall arrest equipment
  • Maintain a firm footing at all times while working
  • Do not stand next to unstable materials such as stacked
  • Secure unstable materials while traveling up or
  • Operate the platform in case of an emergency

Operator Training

Anyone who will be operating the platform is required to successfully complete operator training. All operators receive training applicable to the model of the MCWP to be operated.

Some of the topics covered include

  • Correctly interpret the maximum loading and load
  • Estimate the sufficient accuracy for safety, the weight of any loads that might be placed on the work platform including personnel
  • Inspect planking and support extensions to ensure planks are supported correctly
  • Know the location of the Operation Manual and Site Specific load chart (if applicable) and communicate information in a timely and accurate fashion to all of those on
  • Lower the work platform safely using the emergency descent device to the next safe exit
  • Carry out routine checks and inspections (including pre-start inspection)
  • Be aware of wind speeds

Installation and Dismantle Training

Anyone who will be installing, dismantling, relocating the platform, is required to successfully complete installation training. All installers receive training applicable to the model of the MCWP to be installed.

Some of the topics covered include

  • Review of Operation training
  • Basic erection/dismantle
  • Basic servicing/electrical
  • Basic engineering parameters
  • Basic legislation awareness
  • Safety systems and emergency procedures
  • Hazard assessment guidance
  • Mast, platform, tie anchor and railing installation and dismantle
  • Transport and relocation
  • Proper cribbing

Require prerequisites

  • Minimum of 2 years practical experience
  • Basic mechanical/electrical awareness
  • Basic construction and health and safety awareness
  • Fully physically fit

After the successful completion of the course, the installer trainee will receive a certificate of completion, wallet installer card and if train-the trainer Operator course completed, will be able to perform Operator Training to other users. Certificates are valid for 4 years from date of completion.

MCWP Operator Training – SAIA Accredited Training

Klimer offers Mast Climber Operator Training through its accredited SAIA training designation. This program is designed for individuals who work from, or operate mast climber work platforms. This course covers all the safety aspects regarding mast climbers, pre and post use checks, regulations, fall protection and general use. The course includes a combination of presentation, question and answers, practical application and final exam. Participants completing the exam and practical application will receive a certificate of completion and PAL wallet card certifying completion of Mast Climber Operator Training. This training is not machine specific.

If your current Mast Climber Pal Designation is older than 5 years, it is expired. You can re-certify at this course.

Groups of up to 6 trainees per course. For pricing and more details please contact robertb@klimer.com .