Mast Climbers

Choose heavy-duty KPM-8 or medium/light-duty KLIMERLITE mast climbers.

Why Choose
Klimer Mast Climbers?

  • Ease of use – keeps personnel focused on the project and on safety.
  • Power-driven chassis for optimum mobility, dramatically reducing re-location times.
  • Highest free-standing capability in the industry, with rigid mast sections designed for greater stability.
  • 50% fewer tie-ins – reduces cost, time, damage and repairs – a high-demand requirement on historical building restoration projects.
  • Self-contained power supply – no three-phase electrical power or generator needed.
  • Rack-and-pinion drive system for fast, smooth travel.
  • Platform deck section design allows longer forward extensions.
  • Square or rectangular design mast sections and platform deck sections means all components stack together for ease of shipping and handling.
  • Auxiliary engine for emergency descent.

Klimer vs.
Suspended Scaffold

  • Greater stability – provides workers with safe, stable and larger work area.
  • Heavier load capacities and faster travel speeds – increasing productivity.
  • Mast-climbers do not require personal fall protection (except where a fall hazard exists). See local, state, federal, ANSI & OSHA regulations.
  • Self-contained power supply – no three-phase electrical power or generator needed. No electric power cords to get damaged or broken.

Klimer vs.
Fixed Scaffold

  • Increased production levels – from 20% to 60% – as workers always work at optimum height.
  • Reduced labour cost to handle materials (approximately one labourer per platform) as materials and personnel are both moved to work height together.
  • Reduced worker fatigue and lost time climbing scaffold or stairs.
  • Eliminates stock materials on floors.
  • Reduced labour to install, relocate and dismantle by as much as 90%.
  • Complete guard-rail system that moves with platform, allowing easy installation with reduced exposure to fall hazards.
  • Reduction of wall ties by 80%, saving time and cost of installation and repair.
  • Far fewer components to be shipped, assembled and installed, greatly reducing labour, and lost or damaged items.
  • Increased after-hour security by locking the platform out. Fixed scaffold provides easy access for thieves and vandals on occupied buildings.
  • Improved building appearance and reduced disruption to building occupants and traffic.
  • Reduced damage to landscaping while building is being renovated.

Our KPM-8 and KLIMERLITE mast-climbing work platforms are engineered for multi-trade use, including masonry and concrete restoration, stone, EIFS, roofing, drywall, waterproofing, caulking, mechanical access and glazing. Increase productivity and profits while providing a safe and efficient mast-climbing work platform on your site. A range of versatile accessories help to keep you productive in a wide range of conditions.

Move crews and materials even more efficiently with our KTP transport platform. The KTP pins onto the KLIMERLITE drive unit. It offers wide hydraulic-powered ramps, removable guard rails for easy side loading and Klimer’s unique FloorFind technology to eliminate height jogging.

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