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Industry-Leading Masonry & Concrete Access

Klimer’s industry-leading heavy-duty mast-climbing work platforms are engineered for the demanding needs of masonry, concrete and stone contractors. The KPM-8 mast-climbing work platform was developed in 2001 to offer the industry a breakthrough combination of two critical performance aspects – fast travel speeds and heavy capacities. KPM-8 remains the market leader today; the first choice for masonry and restoration contractors.

KPM-8 reaches variable speeds up to 30’ (9.15 m) per minute and capacities up to 26,000 lbs (11,818 kg) on a twin mast. It also offers a twinned platform length of up to 141’ (42.98 m). KPM-8 offers unbeatable freestanding capabilities [up to 110’ (30.49 m) interior and 72’ (21.95 m) exterior] with the fewest tie-ins in the industry. Platform extensions enhance access on a variety of architectural facades. Custom extension arms wrap around building corners.

Mason’s materials such as brick pallets, mortar boxes, tools and crews are all brought to an ergonomic work-at-height position with fewer vertical trips. Everything is on the platform – greatly reducing man-hours, labor cost and increasing production.

Choose KPM-8 for new masonry, installing heavy material such as granite, stone, brick, glass block, concrete block, refractory tile, restoration of concrete balconies, chipping and forming to remediate calcination, pitting, spalling, railing installation or removal and a wide range of challenging projects where access impacts your bottom line.

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Case Study

Appleby Woods Condominium Residence

KPM-8 Heavy-Duty Mast-Climbing Work Platform

1980 Imperial Way, Burlington, ON
New Condominium Masonry Project.
Duration: 8 to 10 weeks.

M. Gasparetto Construction Co. Ltd.
130 Dundas Street East, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.
Marcello Gasparetto, Owner.
Bruno Cacciacarro, Project Foreman.
General Contractor: Del Ridge Inc.

Bruno Cacciacarro finds using Klimers essential to ensuring projects run smoothly and efficiently. “The guys like them,” Bruno says. “They feel comfortable and work quickly, and they’re safe. They can walk around at working level and when it’s time to get material they move up and down quickly. The guys are trained and the machines are set up in one day.” This project was originally slated for three machines, however Klimer Installation Supervisor Robert Bielecki assisted in planning and suggested two machines 55’ and 56’ in length to cover the building, approximately 580 linear feet by five stories high. When asked how long this project would have taken using other access such as scaffolding, Bruno replies with a wave of his hand, “that would have taken us till next spring!”

Washington, D.C. Masonry Construction Project

KPM-8 Heavy-Duty Mast-Climbing Work Platform

G&A Masonry
Dean Dunn,
Equipment Manager

We looked at three different systems, but went with Klimer. The KPM-8 has a lot fewer moving parts, is more maneuverable, erection is faster and easier and the company’s service and support are excellent.”

Installation of exterior stone cladding on a multi-million-dollar project presented specific challenges. The building has no straight walls, which makes use of traditional scaffolding unfeasible.