Performance. Sized Right.

Rapid on-site assembly, fast travel speeds, self-contained power supply and outstanding accessories make this exciting mast climber a winner!

KLIMERLITE was introduced in January, 2005 at World of Concrete in Las Vegas, Nevada. The medium to light-duty KLIMERLITE is perfect for all types of restoration. It provides masonry, concrete, glazing, EIFS, waterproofing, caulking and architectural surface repair contractors equivalent benefits to the KPM-8 in a lighter-duty work platform.


This system is compact and totally unified. It is small enough to fit through standard doors yet has a high free-standing height! The KLIMERLITE has no loose components. Mast bolt assemblies are permanently attached to mast sections and quick-attach pins are tethered to the platform deck sections.

KLIMERLITE offers you these advantages:

  • Free-standing capability up to 45 feet
  • Travel speeds up to 39 feet
  • Self-contained power supply
  • Powered two or four-wheel drive chassis for unmatched mobility
  • Twin-mast platform length up to 102 feet
  • Rapid on-site assembly
  • Permanently attached mast bolts for quick assembly
  • Accessories to maximize performance

Capacity Range:
Single Mast: 3,000 – 6,000 lbs (1,364 – 2,727 kg)
Twin Mast: 6,000 – 11,700 lbs (2,727 – 5,318 kg)

Looking for the ultimate heavy-duty access solution for the most demanding construction or restoration projects across a spectrum of trades? Learn about the KPM-8 mast climber here.

Move crews and materials even more efficiently with our KTP transport platform. The KTP pins onto the KLIMERLITE drive unit. It offers wide hydraulic-powered ramps, removable guard rails for easy side loading and Klimer’s unique FloorFind technology to eliminate height jogging.


Study operator’s manual before use. Do not load above recommended safe working loads. No materials at any time to be placed on platform extensions. For configurations not shown here, consult your local Klimer dealer or operator’s manual. This product must be used in conformity with safe practice and applicable statutes, regulations, codes and ordinances. Specifications of products and equipment shown herein are subject to change without notice.