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Atriums, airport terminals and hangars, water towers, churches, stadiums and other challenging interior projects are perfect applications for Klimer work platforms. Electric or gas-powered chassis options and designs compact enough to fit through standard doorways allow ease of access to problematic interior spaces. Multi-trade platforms mean less equipment on site and fewer interruptions from installing and dismantling multiple types of access.

Our work platforms have the option to be equipped with Klimer’s mobile chassis, enabling faster re-locations of equipment on site. Industry-leading highest freestanding height of 100’ interior and fewest tie-ins deliver efficiencies and little disruption to occupied buildings, historically sensitive structures or costly facades.

The versatility of our equipment ensures the ability to access overhead work and to efficiently move awkward, bulky or heavy materials. Heavy-duty capacities and large platform decks provide ample work area for all types of trades. Lightweight electric units work extremely well inside new elevator shafts due to their compact size and versatile configurations.

Whatever challenges your next interior access project presents, Klimer is here to help you meet them profitably with mast-climbing work and transport platforms offering versatile options and industry-leading technical support.

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