Top 3 Iconic Canadian Projects

Canadian Museum of Human Rights

-Winnipeg, MB
-First national museum outside the Ottawa region
-Dedicated to the evolution, celebration and future of human rights

The wall sections to be accessed had 7 diferent angles ranging from 3 degrees to 27 degrees.

Platforms needed to be located on sloping roof tops and no re-shoring was possible for any of the elevated positions.

There was no material hoist to feed material to the platforms.

Rogers Place

-Edmonton, AB
-Home ice for Edmonton Oilers

Installation of architectural panel, metal, roofing and glazing on an architecturally challenging façade with horizontally and vertically curved surfaces.

An average of 100 people were working on the platforms every day.

Logistic challenges such as downtown core location, limited road access and space restrictions eliminated other types of access.

Hebron Oil Field

-Ofshore Newfoundland and Labrador

The gravity base structures were constructed in a dredged portion of Bull Arm Bay, then loated and towed to a deep water construction site where the concrete structure was continuously poured until it’s completion.

Over 120 m of concrete structure is below the waterline and holds 1.

2 million barrels of crude oil.

Over 20 mast climbers were supplied to assist in the project as well as continual design support.

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