Telus Sky Calgary, Ab

The month should be called installation of the month! We are in the beginning stages of executing this mixed-use development project in Calgary’s downtown core.

A telecommunications landmark and what will become Calgary’s highest building, consisting of office, retail and residential space as well as a public art gallery. Klimer is supplying two KPM-8’s (chassis base) and 3 KlimerLites (pedestal base) at 130ft high and installed at different elevations to the General Contractors.

Multiple work will be done from the platforms including plumbing, window glazing, steel structural, electrical, cladding, drywall and touch up/clean up; all requiring access to different areas of a 15ft wide atrium.

Steel staircases add an extra challenge in the installation as well as the travel of the units. Modified decks and extensions beams were engineered allowing the units to fit between the stairs for access to either side of the wall at different heights and multiple elevations.

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