Stonewall Station Charlotte, Nc

A total of 19 KPM-8’s and KlimerLites fully surround this new condo building which will have 459 apartments and 64,000 square feet of retail space when completed downtown Charlotte.

Multi-trades including framers, window installers, EIFS, water proofers, and more will be utilizing the MCWP’s.

The building is a completely wooden structure, so having to tie in to wooden floor joists added a requirement for custom designed anchors.

All units on the west elevation were installed onto a podium with very limited space.

Some units were installed within feet of a light rail transit station, located directly behind the building.

One unit on the west side of the building was installed completely by hand as it was out of reach with a forklift or tower crane.

The equipment had to taken apart and driven through the parking garage and then assembled at their designated areas.

Various site conditions and logistics added challenges, but never compromised safety.

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