KlimerLite Mast-Climbing Work Platform

ACT – Alternative Concrete Technologies, Saint John New Brunswick.
Carl Nunes, Project Manager

KlimerLite twin-tower mast-climbing work platforms, totalling 80 feet long and 55 feet high, facilitated concrete restoration to a bridge pier including damaged concrete removal, steel treatment, installing anodes, forming and pouring.

Platforms were lifted onto the pier from a barge at high tide. Pedestals of the units were modified to sit on a meager four-foot, eight-inch base. Tie-ins were designed specifically to allow the KlimerLites to sit back 20 inches from the pier facade.

“Normal staging would have required installation of a complex outrigger system to allow the scaffold set up,” noted ACT Project Manager Carl Nunes. “With the KlimerLite and small pedestal, this situation was not a factor that needed to be addressed,” he added. KlimerLite twin-tower platform length allowed for a large work area and great exposure of the facade. It also allowed a crew of six on the platform – three times the manpower compared to aerial platforms.

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