KlimerLite Medium/Light-Duty Mast-Climbing Work Platforms

Company Name: Flynn Canada
Steven Clark, Project Manager – Quality Control

Project Scope: Installation of architectural panel, metal, roofing and glazing on an architecturally challenging façade with horizontally and vertically curved surfaces.

Flynn Canada was contracted by PCL to manage the installation of the exterior facade on the Rogers Place arena, a facility occupying 9.5 acres in the heart of Edmonton’s downtown core.

Steven Clark, Project Manager with Flynn said “mast climbers were the best option”. Logistic challenges such as downtown core location, limited road access and space restrictions eliminated other types of access.The project scope included installation of 223,000 ft2 of architectural panels, 44,000 ft2 of unitized curtainwall as well as a 50,000 ft2 roofing system. Klimer supplied 24 mast-climbing work platforms which were installed around the perimeter of the building.

Multiple trades carried out their work on the KlimerLite work platforms, increasing efficiencies in schedule, site safety and organization.

An average of 100 people were working on site every day. “In addition, plumbers, electricians and other trades were using the platforms, and it worked out as an overall benefit”, said Steven.

Materials were delivered by crane and installed from the platforms, providing trades with a large, stable work space. The ability to move to working height at travel speeds up to 39 feet per minute expedited their work.

Time savings achieved by using the mast climbers enabled Flynn to meet and exceed the project’s strict scheduling requirements.

A very dynamic site requires an immense amount of strategic planning and organization. Having one access solution for multiple trades increased efficiencies in time and resources.
“What typically takes our guys one week, took two days on a mast climber”, said Steven. The management of access, trades and construction materials on a project of such grand proportions was expertly carried out by Flynn.

The unique architecture of the building, which curves both horizontally and vertically, required Klimer to proficiently plan, location, orientation and ties to the structure.

Klimer engineers provided a solution with retractable decking, custom ties and layout locations.
The retractable decking allowed the platform to move smoothly from one location to the next, allowing trades to quickly and easily adjust the platforms lead edge to conform to the building’s changing profile.

The mast climbers were tied in to the structural steel and concrete on the curved façade.
Materials, hoisted mostly by crane and installed from the platform, made the fast vertical travel speed of the platforms critical to the trades’ productivity.

“Having a massive forty-foot platform to work from that has retractable decks to get you close to the building – there’s nothing else that offers you that.”

“We push safety, quality and productivity. For all three, the Klimers covered it”.

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