Renaissance Hotel Westerville, Ohio

Construction of a $32 million Marriott Renaissance hotel and conference center is now underway.


The transformation into an eight-story, 224-room luxurious hotel is scheduled to take 15 months.


Work platforms were needed to build 90′ high block shafts, what will soon become the main elevator shafts and stairwells.


A combination of Hydek and KlimerLite units were used as work platforms.


In addition, the KlimerLites allowed for safe transport of personnel to-and-from work level.


This eliminated unsafe climbing heights that are always a safety issue when building block shafts.


Getting workers to optimal height increased productivity, helping our customer reach their strict scheduling requirements.


Hydek hoists were used to lift bricks and mortar.


KlimerLites and Hydeks will also be used to complete the exterior brick veneer, most of which will be set up on rooftop locations.

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