Klimer provided custom platforms for crews to install stay cables on Delaware’s Indian River Inlet Bridge.

Custom Telescopic Platforms Provide Access to Bridge Cable-Stays

Delaware’s Indian River Inlet Bridge Project is a $150M design-build construction by Skanska USA of a three-span cable-stayed bridge (400’-950’-400’) with flanking approach spans and a pedestrian walkway. It is built to withstand a Category 5 hurricane. The cable-stayed superstructure consists of cast-in-place (CIP) concrete edge girders, with both precast and CIP concrete transverse floor beams, and a CIP concrete deck.

With the goal of providing Skanska a platform to meet the best possible design for maximized safety and efficiency; Klimer developed and created a custom platform for Skanska’s stay cable installation crew with custom telescopic platforms. Selecting the KlimerLite mast-climbing work platform and designing custom 9-ft translating extensions allowed access to both sides of the cable stays. Maximum efficiency was achieved by having access to both sides of the cable stay, which eliminated the requirement for a second platform. The telescopic access platforms enabled the crew to get close to the installation points of the stays on the outside of the pylons; They also allowed the crew to work ergonomically and safely by being able to extend and retract between different elevations of stays while being surrounded by guardrail 100% of the time.

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