KPM-8 Mast Climbing Work Platforms

Two KPM-8 mast climbers equipped with double-wide sliding stages and two standard stages provided access to the tapered widths of the steeple. The design allowed the crews to move in and out, working safely at optimum height. Optimizing safety, providing access to the back of the steeple and ground conditions were challenges overcome by Klimer’s customized platforms.

“There are a lot of church steeples in need of repair, and a big issue is having safe access to them,” said Kurt. The steeple at St. Josaphat’s Church was heavily damaged in a wind storm. As a result, the steeple was unstable and it became an urgent safety concern. A custom solution developed by Klimer’s sales and engineering team provided versatile, lightweight aluminum stages on all four sides of the steeple. Castors were placed on the stage to allow platforms to roll in and out as needed. Custom base plates were used to fit the machines into the limited space on the ground. Our reduced tie requirements were a benefit in reducing the need to tie to the unstable steeple.

Safety is a priority for Kurt and his crew, “Safety is first. That’s why I like your machines. There’s a lot to be said about how everyone stays inside that unit. It is much safer to set up – you guys have got great equipment!”

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