A variety of trades including drywall, plumbing, heating, electrical and roofing contractors utilized the KTP transport platform on this new construction project, particularly for material handling.

Making a decision to utilize the Klimer transport platform vs. the traditional man & material hoist for this project was straightforward for Belrock Construction Group Site Superintendent Larry Fiore.

“Setup of the transport platform was much quicker than setup of a traditional hoist,” said Larry. “The configuration of the KTP platform base allowed for other scheduled work to proceed around it in a safe condition when space was limited. It also addressed landscape conditions that could not be overcome by other types of lifts.”

“Loading materials onto the platform with the use of a forklift was quicker, safer and easier,” he noted. “In some cases, deliveries were able to back onto the rear articulating ramp and material could be off-loaded directly onto the lift using dollies or pump trucks, increasing efficiency.

The size of the KTP ramps provided a time-savings when it came to disposal of construction materials – both logistically and ergonomically – as garbage bins could be placed at the base of the rear ramp and debris could be safely dumped directly into the bins,” Larry said. “It was an economical, smart choice, ideal for a 9-10 story building. We will definitely use the Klimer KTP Transport platform on upcoming projects.”

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