Grand River Bridge Replacement Cayuga, On

This bridge is the only nine span bridge of its kind in Canada and is considered the first reinforced concrete bridge of its type ever built.

Klimer supplied 4 KPM-8’s to perform restoration work on the deteriorating piers.

The scope of work included lifting the existing bridge off of the piers to temporary piers, chipping concrete back 1-2 feet, then forming and pouring new concrete.

Once the work on the piers was complete, the bridge would be slid back onto the restored piers.

In order to preserve the river bed and to follow conservation guidelines, Klimer designed a custom bracket system which would allow the units to hang from the top mast.

All of the work was completed over the water with the help of barges to deliver materials as well as the installation and dismantle procedures.

Barriers were created to catch any material.

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