Heavy-Duty Mast-Climbing Work Platforms

Restoration and repair on deteriorated bridge piers, partial rebar replacement. Eight Klimer mast-climbing work platforms used. June to November, 2010.

Brennan Paving Ltd. (Miller Group), Markham, Ontario.
Sean Firth, Estimator / Project Manager.
Mark Grenier, General Foreman.

A total of eight Klimer platforms were used for access on two of the tallest piers (approx. 100 ft high). The project involved restoration and repair of deteriorated piers plus partial replacement of rebar: concrete chipping, forming, pouring, drilling of anchors, concrete replacement and restoration. The eight Klimers were twinned at the start of the project for access across the top of the piers. The platforms were split as work progressed and they moved down the pier columns.

“We realized efficiencies in being able to take equipment and tools onto the platform. We were able to work faster, with less up and down travel time,” said General Foreman Mark Grenier. “The Klimer platforms gave us convenient access to electrical. Our site was more organized and better-contained. I’d like to have Klimer platforms on every job!” he added.

Estimator and Project Manager Sean Firth decided to use Klimer platforms was determined through his evaluation of manpower-time to install traditional scaffold on taller piers vs. mast-climbing work platforms.

“The speed at which the Klimers could get into service was far greater and more efficient,” Sean noted. “We also saw increased ergonomics by placing platforms and men where the work needed to be performed. There’s less overall physical effort.”

With the capacity to place men and materials on the platform, fewer vertical trips are required. Sean saw time savings of approximately one man hour per worker per day. Over the course of a day, week and the term of the project amounted to considerable savings.

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