Seventeen mast climbers including heavy-duty KPM-8, medium/light duty KlimerLite and KTP transport platforms were used for multi-trade access.

A variety of trades carried out this extensive repair to a 1600-room hotel in downtown Toronto in a ground-breaking fifteen months. The scope of work required the trades to pour and form concrete from the platforms, remove debris and old railings, deliver and install new railings to the balconies. All completed from the exterior of the building, safely and efficiently with the stable and high capacity platforms.

With transport platforms on each of the four elevations, the GC had the ability to feed man and materials from the transport platforms to the work platforms. With up to 12 platforms running at one time, the complete restoration process was expedited.

Gillam Group and Klimer planned the construction process to best utilize certain elevations depending on hotel room demand. The Klimer’s provided a clean, organized work exterior with little disturbance to hotel guests and staff.

Senior Superintendent at Gillam Group mentioned his consideration of a swing stage, however it wasn’t an option as that style of access would have increased the project time greatly.

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