KPM-8 Heavy-Duty Mast-Climbing Work Platform

500 Claridge Road, Burlington, Ontario

Sobotec Ltd. Architectural Wall Systems, Hamilton, Ontario
Rod LeBlanc, Site Supervisor

Installation of architectural wall systems for new construction with Reid & Deleye Contractors Ltd. of Courtland, Ontario. September, 2009 to January, 2010.

Trespa architectural panels were loaded onto KPM-8 mast climbers for installation. Two skids (holding 10 panels and weighing about 7,200 lbs.) were distributed on each end of the KPM-8 platform for ease of installation, directly from the mast climbers. The two KPM-8s were equipped with Klimer’s mobile chassis option, enabling smoother re-locates.

“Our crew was able to continuously install panels at working height,” said Site Supervisor Rod LeBlanc. “They were able to move easily from one end of the platform to the other, taking a panel off each end. There was no need to move the machine up and down to retrieve panels one at a time, something they have had to do in the past using other types of access such as booms and suspended scaffold. This saved us a lot of time. What would take eight days on a typical boom lift took only three days on a Klimer. Rental cost for a KPM-8 was the same as a boom lift, so it didn’t cost us any more but certainly saved us a lot,” Rod said.

Sobotec’s crew enjoyed the security of having the panels and tools kept directly on the equipment — not left on the ground overnight.

“The crew noticed a big difference in stability and comfort over other types of access they have been on,” Rod noted. “It’s much safer overall.” With more stable platforms and less up-and-down movement, Klimers provided a safe environment with a high level of confidence for all workers on the site.

“We haven’t had the opportunity to use mast climbers in the past, but I hope we never have to do another project without them!” he added.”

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