Apartment Building Restoration

Twin KlimerLite & KPM-8 Mast Climbers

Restoration of facade and balconies on an occupied 15-storey apartment building. Two twin-mast KlimerLites with mobile chassis plus four single-pedestal KPM-8 mast-climbing work platforms.

Homestead Land Holdings Limited of Ottawa turned to two types of Klimer mast-climbing work platforms for an extensive six-month restoration of this Mississauga, Ontario apartment building.

Restoration and repair of face and balconies involved handling of various trades, equipment and materials including concrete, windows, old and new railings and paint. Two twin-mast light-to-medium-duty KlimerLite platforms plus four single-pedestel KPM-8s were put to work on this building.

“We saw the Klimer mast-climbers as a much safer and more efficient form of access vs. swing stage or scaffold,” said Site Supervisor Mark Courtney. “The swing stage can handle an average of 750 lbs concrete, while the mast climbers have a much higher capacity for materials. Swing stage is also much slower, with more trips up and down,” Mark added.

“Klimers provide optimal access for workers to the building plus optimum working area on building, Mark said. “A 16-foot to 40-foot platform gives you the work area to maximize labour and achieve highest efficiency.”

Other projects may go on for many months while the use of mast climbers considerably decreases project length, Mark said. For occupied buildings, where residents lose the use of their balconies, speeding things up and getting in and out in one season helps deliver improvements to the tenant faster … and everyone is more satisfied.

“We’ve used Klimers before. It’s not just the equipment that we rely on – it’s the people behind it,” Mark added. “When it comes to service and support for our projects, we have a lot of confidence in the Klimer team.”

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