We specialize in custom work platforms designed for industrial turnaround access planning and industrial new construction. Typically, the types of access we provide includes men and materials transport as well as work access. Examples of project applications include:


  • Diverter stack (internal and external)
  • Ammonia Stack (internal and external)
  • Coker Tank internal
  • Coker structure external man and material access
  • Reactor tower man and material access
  • Frac Tower Man and Material Access
  • Power Generation structure access
  • CO boiler Man and Material access
  • Mobile structure access (self-driving and freestanding access to 72’. Ability to go to 100’ with customization)


Other reasons clients call us for industrial applications include:

  • Weather delay concerns
  • Reduced reliance on cranes (if not entirely removed)
  • Significant reduction in erection and dismantle times during turnaround
  • Higher control of timeline for work flow (few if not eliminated “wind days”)
  • Worker efficiency
  • Safety standards significantly increased
  • Ease of access


We have built our reputation on the foundation of project planning as well as a consultative process rather than just product supply. One of the greatest value adds is the understanding and control over multiple risks to timelines and efficiency.

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