Discover the trusted low-cost mast climber for high-volume masonry

“Because of all the materials needed, block and brick for a masonry load bearing building 20′ high x 30′ x 40′ = 1200 square feet the HYDEK platform is the best because it has 30% more stocking room than frame scaffold. I have a customer that uses platforms on 15′ high interior walls because it totally encloses the bricklayer/labor with guard rail meeting the 6’ rule. In my opinion any job that wants to be free of safety concerns should use mast climbers on any wall above 12′.”

— Ray Valentine, General Manager, Canton, OH

HYDEK’S dual-mast hydraulic lift platforms are the trusted choice for high-performance masonry.

Powerful & Intelligent Design

  • 64′ single or 160′ double deck provide plenty of space for crews and materials.
  • Ascend and descend at 8ft/min. under 20,000 lbs. load.
  • Parts compatible with Bennu systems.
  • Gas powered Mark II 724 13 HP Honda engine,
  • Transport up to 130 linear feet of work platform on a single drop deck reducing transportation cost
  • Mechanisms are housed beneath the work platform, shielding them from falling objects and damage.

Training & Support
Klimer is an accredited ATI for mast climbing work platforms. Our staff is available to assist with technical support and troubleshooting when required.

HYDEK is competitively priced and designed to increase your crew’s productivity and efficiency, saving you time and money.


Study operator’s manual before use. Do not load above recommended safe working loads. No materials at any time to be placed on platform extensions. For configurations not shown here, consult your local Klimer dealer or operator’s manual. This product must be used in conformity with safe practice and applicable statutes, regulations, codes and ordinances. Specifications of products and equipment shown herein are subject to change without notice.