General Contractors

Versatile Access for a Wide Range of Trades

General contractors improve production, control schedules, reduce costs and enhance access to multiple trades using Klimer’s versatile mast-climbing work platforms in combination with our KTP mast-climbing transport platform. Keep your site organized and avoid multiple access methods, manage workflows and eliminate multiple markups with a single, proven access provider.

Klimer understands the importance of versatile access to meet the challenges of complex projects. Our KPM-8 heavy-duty mast climber boasts capacities up to 26,000 lbs (11,818 kg) on a twin mast. Easily meet rigorous load requirements of masons, concrete trades and glaziers. Our Klimerlite medium- to light-duty mast climber offers benefits to interior trades including mechanical, electrical, plumbing and drywall with increased travel speeds of up to 39’ (11.89 m) per minute. Our KTP transport platform delivers man and material to the work platforms, continuously feeding material to trades. Our mobile chassis option allows for rapid relocation and highest freestanding heights of up to 100’ (30.48 m) indoors.

Kilmer’s mast climbers are engineered with many interchangeable components. Fewer parts to ship, re-locate or replace saves time and money. Modular design allows the drive unit to be interchangeable with the transport platform, increasing utilization of your equipment. Gasoline, propane, electric or propane drives offer added flexibility.

Over 20 years of extensive field experience sets Klimer apart. We consult and provide insight to maximize access, control costs and improve schedules. As an accredited training institute, we provide certified training on all levels – on-site or in-house.

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Case Study

Eaton Chelsea Hotel

Seventeen mast climbers including heavy-duty KPM-8, medium/light duty KlimerLite and KTP transport platforms were used for multi-trade access.

A variety of trades carried out this extensive repair to a 1600-room hotel in downtown Toronto in a ground-breaking fifteen months. The scope of work required the trades to pour and form concrete from the platforms, remove debris and old railings, deliver and install new railings to the balconies.  All completed from the exterior of the building, safely and efficiently with the stable and high capacity platforms.

With transport platforms on each of the four elevations, the GC had the ability to feed man and materials from the transport platforms to the work platforms.  With up to 12 platforms running at one time, the complete restoration process was expedited.

Gillam Group and Klimer planned the construction process to best utilize certain elevations depending on hotel room demand. The Klimer’s provided a clean, organized work exterior with little disturbance to hotel guests and staff.

Senior Superintendent at Gillam Group mentioned his consideration of a swing stage, however it wasn’t an option as that style of access would have increased the project time greatly.

Hilton Garden Inn

A variety of trades including drywall, plumbing, heating, electrical and roofing contractors utilized the KTP transport platform on this new construction project, particularly for material handling.

Making a decision to utilize the Klimer transport platform vs. the traditional man & material hoist for this project was straightforward for Belrock Construction Group Site Superintendent Larry Fiore.

“Setup of the transport platform was much quicker than setup of a traditional hoist,” said Larry. “The configuration of the KTP platform base allowed for other scheduled work to proceed around it in a safe condition when space was limited. It also addressed landscape conditions that could not be overcome by other types of lifts.”

“Loading materials onto the platform with the use of a forklift was quicker, safer and easier,” he noted. “In some cases, deliveries were able to back onto the rear articulating ramp and material could be off-loaded directly onto the lift using dollies or pump trucks, increasing efficiency.

The size of the KTP ramps provided a time-savings when it came to disposal of construction materials – both logistically and ergonomically – as garbage bins could be placed at the base of the rear ramp and debris could be safely dumped directly into the bins,” Larry said. “It was an economical, smart choice, ideal for a 9-10 story building. We will definitely use the Klimer KTP Transport platform on upcoming projects.”

Palisade Palms

New ocean-front condominium

towers, Galveston, Texas.


Through equipment rental provider MDM

Scaffolding Services, Inc. of Grapevine, Texas, general contractor Brasfield & Gorrie is provided eight KlimerLites to construction trades including drywall, stucco and caulking contractors. The work platforms were 29 feet long, operating on masts up to 250 feet high.

Palisade Palms consists of two 27-storey towers on Galveston’s East Beach.