We Promise…
The right machines to safely move your crews and materials higher and faster, helping you raise productivity while lowering costs.

Our Mission

To encourage the dreamers, creators and innovators, to keep tackling the question “What’s possible?” knowing that we can develop the tools they’ll need to help them build their increasingly creative concepts.

Our Vision

We see complex problems solved. We see more creative architecture and building projects. We see builders, engineers, project managers and crew leaders sleeping well at night knowing that their crews are safe and productive and that their costs are under control.

Project Support & Services

We’re focused on our customer’s need for safety, efficiency and productivity.
Our job doesn’t stop after your equipment gets to site. In fact, it’s just getting started.
We offer a total-solutions, comprehensive approach & provide full access project management including engineering, erection and dismantle, on-site training, on-call service technicians and most importantly a seamless customer experience.

Builders, engineers, and project managers are continually being pushed to do more with less.

We understand. As experts in access solutions and manufacturers of high performance equipment we’re here to help you take on the toughest project demands and still improve your bottom line.

From custom design to sales and rentals we’ll help you choose the right machine for the job so you can move your people and materials higher, faster and more safely.

With over 30 years of experience in providing access solutions for hundreds of clients across North America we’re confident in our ability to save you time and money.

With Klimer…